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  • Chemicals - Geara
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Via S. Patrizio, 33, 36061 Bassano del Grappa VI, Italy

Adesiv was set up in 1971 with the goal of producing adhesives for various industrial sectors (construction, wood, footwear, stationery, various...

  • glues, adhesives and applicators
  • varnishes
  • glues for wood flooring
  • glues
  • glues for textile flooring
  • paints
  • adhesives for leather goods
  • water paints
  • insulating paint
  • glues and sealants
  • primer
  • adhesives for shoe factories
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Str. del Dos di Lamar, 38, 38121 Trento TN, Italy

Metalife manufactures water purifiers for home, civil and industrial use. We also manufacture filters, return line filters, both automatic and semi-automatic....

  • filtration equipment
  • water purification services
  • water treatment products
  • water filters
  • waste water purification
  • softeners
  • water softening
  • water softening - systems and equipment
  • return line filters
  • chemical products for water treatment
  • assistance for water purification systems
  • complete plants for the treatment of industrial waste waters
  • complete water purification plants
  • laundry water softeners
  • activated carbons for water filtering plants
  • chemical water softening plants
  • products and supplies for water conditioning and treatment
  • industrial desalination plants
  • water purification system design
  • water testing diagnosis kits
  • scale removers for water treatment
  • lime deposit removers
  • drinking water filters
  • chemical water softening
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Via Valle Po, 92, 12100 Cuneo CN, Italy

Errebi Paper, paper industry since 1977, manufactures paper for sanitary, domestic and hygiene use. We sell a wide range of products,...

  • paper - sanitary and domestic articles
  • rolls of paper towels
  • rolls of paper for the kitchen
  • paper sheets
  • paper napkins
  • toilet paper rolls
  • paper for domestic use
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Via Col Beretta, 9, 36022 San Giuseppe VI, Italy

EVERYTHING FOR PACKAGING - PRODUCT SECURITY FOR HYGIENE AND INDUSTRIAL CLEANING. Our company specialises in products and systems for the health...

  • packaging materials - paper and cardboard
  • packing and packaging containers
  • occupational accident prevention equipment
  • everything for packaging
  • hygiene and industrial cleaning products*
  • safety shoes
  • office equipment and stationery
  • adhesive films for protecting package surfaces
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62019 Recanati, Province of Macerata, Italy

accessories for lighting devices; wall lightslight projection equipment; lighting components; lights; diffusers; globes; vertical lighting; ceiling lights; plastic ceiling lights; refractors;...

  • exterior lighting
  • overhead lights
  • street lighting systems
  • light fixtures
  • indoor and outdoor lighting
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Via Calvi Pier Fortunato, 40, 20020 Magnago MI, Italy

Aquatechnik manufactures and distributes systems for bathroom, heating, air conditioning and compressed air systems for civil and industrial facilities. Extrusion and...

  • tubes and pipes, rubber and plastic
  • heating and air conditioning - works
  • central heating systems
  • gas fittings
  • heating equipment
  • pipe
  • extrusion of rubber and plastic
  • fittings, pipe, tube and hose - plastic
  • fitting mouldings
  • ppr fittings
  • tube extrusion
  • joints for heating
  • heating radiators
  • plastic hoses
  • refrigeration equipment and plant adjustment and control instruments
  • gas system pipes
  • multilayered pipes
  • gas pipes
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Corso Indipendenza, 111, 10086 Rivarolo Canavese TO, Italy

Twin and single screw extruders, granulation lines, PVC-PE extrusion, pipes and profiles, WPC-Polywood lines, traction, cutting machines, coolers, tanks, pouches, medical...

  • plastics - industrial machinery and equipment
  • mechanical engineering
  • extrusion, plastics - machinery
  • extruders
  • granulators
  • extruders for plastics
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Largo delle Industrie, 11, 24020 Torre Boldone BG, Italy

BBC SRL was founded in 1977 as a textile manufacturing company for the textile industry; since then it has constantly developed....

  • chemistry, inorganic - raw materials and derivatives
  • oleochemical products
  • oleochemicals
  • hydrogenated palm oil
  • hydrogenated soya bean oil
  • textile products
  • organic chemicals
  • chemicals for the textile industry
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Via della Concia 10

Berardi has a rapid supply system that increases supplier/client efficiency and helps prevent stock accumulation. Its services includes fastening items, bolts,...

  • special screws
  • customised special screws and bolts
  • nuts and bolts
  • screws
  • small metal parts
  • pipe collars
  • torsion springs
  • special self-tapping screws
  • metal split pins
  • self-locking screws and nuts
  • springs
  • hexagonal bolts
  • cruciform microscrews
  • washers
  • allen screws
  • tamperproof screws
  • extension springs
  • stainless steel screws
  • bolts
  • metal security screws
  • precision springs
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Via Enrico Fermi 49/51

Fastening systems for the construction industry, with a product range of the most complete and qualified internationally: Bossong is now one...

  • fastening devices
  • metal fasteners
  • metal attachment rods
  • epoxy resin
  • securing clamps
  • nails for the building trade
  • steel nails
  • metal anchoring
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