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Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals And Plastics
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  • Chemicals - Geara
Industrie und Gewerbegebiet 1, 07422 Rottenbach, Germany

Our product range: Coatings for waterjet cutting systems, engineering plastics, plastic moulded parts, lightweight panels, sandwich lightweight panels (TUBUS honeycomb PP is a sandwich core material), thermoplastic materials, plastic honeycomb panels (engineering plastics made of thermoplastic core material suitable for bonding ...

  • plastics - construction industry
  • sandwich panel
  • honeycomb slabs
  • sandwich core material
  • plastic panels
  • slabs for building trade
  • panels
  • thermoplastic materials
  • sandwich building
  • semi-finished products
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Kelvinstraße 8, 50996 Köln, Germany

Centrimax - Winkelhorst Trenntechnik GmbH is a full-service supplier of rebuilt centrifuges. Centrimax' range of products covers the whole bandwidth of centrifugal separating technologies like separators, decanters, pusher centrifuges, peeler centrifuges, inverting filter centrifuges, tubular centrifuges, Machines by reputed manufacturers ...

  • beverage industry - machinery and equipment
  • food industry - machinery and equipment
  • cheese-making machinery
  • decanters
  • dairies - machinery and equipment
  • oenology - machinery and equipment
  • pharmaceutical industry - machinery and equipment
  • wine-making - machinery, equipment and plants
  • used and reconditioned decanters
  • chamber bowl separators
  • nozzle separators
  • solid-wall disc separators
  • self-cleaning disc separators
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Hovestraße 41, 20539 Hamburg, Germany

The company was founded in 1954 by Willy Benecke. It produces and sells natural gums and resins for the food processing industry and various other sectors. Our many years of experience and use of the latest technologies are your guarantee of ...

  • food and beverage additives
  • resins
  • guar gum
  • gum arabic
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Dortmunder Str. 6, 68723 Schwetzingen, Germany

Our high-quality packaging and knowledge of international markets has increased competitiveness and has allowed us to successfully make packaging solutions since 1970. We welcome any samples from you. Using our computerised design centre, we can simulate design proposals there and then ...

  • paper, packaging - manufacture
  • packaging materials - paper and cardboard
  • packaging
  • cardboard for the packaging industry
  • folding cases
  • blister packs
  • skin packaging
  • self-service packaging
  • blister cards
  • non-reusable packaging-
  • skin cards
  • paperboard containers
  • packaging labels
  • packaging and labels
  • soft fold boxes
  • transparent cases
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Gewerbestraße 27, 32584 Löhne, Germany

Our product range includes furniture fronts and applications, trays and shells, anti-slip surfaces, panelling for the caravan industry, displays, hoods and housings, trays, anti-slip mats, cutlery trays, plastic industrial parts, plastic parts for the automotive industry, technical plastic parts, thermoformed plastic ...

  • trays
  • plastic floor coverings
  • technical articles in plastic
  • plastic parts
  • plastics - household products
  • plastics - industrial products
  • disguises
  • plastic products for the furniture industry
  • +5 more
Pankstraße 10, 13357 Berlin, Germany

BEKA is a specialist in the production of capillary tube mats made from polypropylene and system accessories for efficient surface heating systems: Heating and cooling in a single system, for ceilings, walls and floors. We manufacture the following products: Ceiling cooling ...

  • heating, domestic - installations and equipment
  • refrigeration plants and equipment
  • heat exchangers
  • ceiling heating
  • wall heating
  • +2 more
Rahestraße 47, 49525 Lengerich, Germany

The B+K GROUP is a main European full-benefit supplier of adaptable plastic and paper bundling and specialized movies. It exposes to the world over by a strong web of production plants and sales offices. Bischof + Klein's item run includes the ...

  • plastics - packaging
  • flexible packaging
  • technical films
Windmühlenstraße 6

Dipl. Ing. K. Dietzel GmbH is a supplier of hydraulic technology, they specialise in the making, development and supply of fittings. The products range from Pressure fittings, connectors, suction valves, low-pressure fittings, ring-eye fittings, flange valves, bolt circle fittings, adjustable fittings, ...

  • ball cocks
  • hydraulic equipment
  • heat exchangers
  • manifold heat exchangers
  • hydraulic hoses
  • industrial hydraulics
  • flexible hoses
  • high pressure pipes
  • hydraulic systems
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Siemensstr. 10

GekaKonus deal in the distribution of thermal oil heating systems, high pressure steam boilers, high pressure steam generators, high-pressure rapid steam generators, thermal oil heat recovery systems and system accessories. its main purpose is the planning, construction, preparation and ...

  • energy - production plants and equipment
  • heat exchangers
  • heat regeneration systems
  • thermal oil heating systems
  • high-temperature systems
  • exhaust gas heat exchangers
  • steam boilers for industrial use
  • pressure tanks
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Am Mittleren Moos 48 d, 86167, Augsburg, Germany

Genetic ID Inc, was first incorporated in 1996 in Iowa, USA with branches in Japan and Brazil. In 2001 Genetic ID (Europe) was founded in Augsburg, Germany. The company runs a global laboratory network and licensee programme - ...

  • testing equipment
  • engine testing and regulating equipment - electronic
  • Food testing laboratory
  • chemicals for laboratories and microbiology
  • quality control services
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